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what happened to inner_justin?
Wondering what happened to inner_justin? Wondering why she kicked off her Queer as Folk friends on Facebook? Aren't seeing entries in her new journal the_fmly_bzns? Wonder no more.

For a while now, Karyn posted personal stories about her best friend Adam, his partner Ikey, and their daughter. Suddenly, Adam dies of AIDS related complications and Ikey, heartbroken, commits suicide. This leaves their daughter all alone and orphaned in the world.

Sound like a Lifetime Movie of the Week? You're right! It is.

With the internet, information isn't always as hidden as you want it to be. In this case, the story seemed too hard to believe. It only became really hard to believe when photographs of the daughter went from adorable to unbelievable. Unfortunately, the journal has been deleted so you just have to take my word on this. Just a few months ago, Liana was just learning how to walk. Recently, photographs of an active toddler were shown, about two to three years old. The photographs were supposed to be just taken and the child that was in her journal was in long sleeved winter wear in the middle of summer? Unlikely.

She had one photograph of a child taken in summer clothing and it was obvious that they were two entirely different children. It can only be surmised that the photographs were taken from various sources and put in her journal to concoct her story.

Exploiting the feelings of others, playing on their sympathies, and duping her friends list, people whom she supposedly trusted, and trusted her, was the only true story there.

Comments of sympathy, understanding, and empathy flooded her entries. She advocated to donate to charities in support of this dearly departed couple. The charities? Always a good cause. The reason behind the push for donations? False.

Adam and Ikey are alive. They're alive, heterosexual, and only friends but haven't seen one another in years. Ikey has a child and is married to a woman. Adam does live in Brooklyn and is a lawyer. Dead? No. Positive? No. Gay? No.

Neither have spoken to Karyn in a long time and now we can all understand why.

"Adam's" LiveJournal has been deleted, posts made from "Adam" to the sunshine_ai community have been deleted, and references to Adam in the Supernatural journal are gone.

She never posted photographs of the couple together in her journal, only separately. Any photographs with her in them with either one of them were old and referenced high school. There were no new photographs of her taken with her "friends".

There was a photograph of Adam and Ikey's gravesite. Through a trace, the graves were found to be located in Charleston, South Carolina. The cemetery hasn't had a burial since the 1960's.

It can only be assumed that someone found out about Karyn's true identity and she made an attempt to erase everything, delete these lies that she told in an effort to create a new identity in the Supernatural fandom. Friends were deleted from her Facebook because that's probably where they traced her imaginary friends. They are real people but not the people that she purported them to be.

Why is this journal here? People deserve to know. She played people. She played on their sympathies, their affections, their feelings, and emotions. It was cruel. People trust. LiveJournal is a place where we should feel free to gather and talk about our lives with people we have things in common with. We share fandoms, we share the experience of fandom, and through that, we share with each other.

We shouldn't have to question what's true and what's false but that's what happened here.

She fooled people and she did it intentionally with no apologies. She just expected it to all go away, deleted forever. She hurt people. She gave a terrible disease to an imaginary person without really experiencing it in her own life. She exploited other people's grief and experiences with that disease. She exploited suicide. She used an imaginary child to gain even more sympathy and attention for herself.

It wasn't right and she should know that.

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Holy shit.

See, I considered myself a friend of Karyn's, but the only way I managed to keep thinking that way was by almost NEVER visiting her journal. Every time I went there I was either annoyed or downright nauseated by something like the above. Which is why I missed the majority of the "RL" stories she was telling.

I hadn't even enjoyed her fics for the last year or so, but that may have been my off feelings about her affecting me, rather than any decline in quality.

I don't know what to think about her. I hope she gets help. I don't even know whether to hope her cancer was true or false.

But omg, right now I am mostly just so friggin' happy for Randy that he is (*knock on wood*) rid of her.

ITA with you Hun...I've started to suspect something when she has said all that crap about "her natural father doesn't want to see her", and in that moment I've told to myself "omfg, how is it possible that EVERYTHING wrong on the earth happens to her??????" mmmmmmmmmm, neither in a bad pathetic z-series movie you can find such many sad bullshit:(

And, forgive me I'm a cynic I know;), but I've had a suspect even about her ff...too much perfect, sometimes she has posted a very long ff and about a day after another one...always telling that she had to work for living, I wonder...what kind of work leave you so free to be on internet practically 20 hours a day?
Because in the meantime that she was working, making posts, leaving comments, writing ff she found the time (and the money, but she wasn't poor?) even to go to every Randy's performance, everytime he has been seen on the street there she was,I wonder if Randy has found her even in a public toilet trying to help him to piss... to not talk about SN, conventions and intruding actor's private lives.......mah, poor us, common people, we have only 24 hours in a day *grin*

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I don't know why I even said that about Randy being rid of her. No way that's going to happen.

*hugs for Randy, too* lol

Heheheh, love-ya and hugs you back tight!!!^__________^

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