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what happened to inner_justin?
Wondering what happened to inner_justin? Wondering why she kicked off her Queer as Folk friends on Facebook? Aren't seeing entries in her new journal the_fmly_bzns? Wonder no more.

For a while now, Karyn posted personal stories about her best friend Adam, his partner Ikey, and their daughter. Suddenly, Adam dies of AIDS related complications and Ikey, heartbroken, commits suicide. This leaves their daughter all alone and orphaned in the world.

Sound like a Lifetime Movie of the Week? You're right! It is.

With the internet, information isn't always as hidden as you want it to be. In this case, the story seemed too hard to believe. It only became really hard to believe when photographs of the daughter went from adorable to unbelievable. Unfortunately, the journal has been deleted so you just have to take my word on this. Just a few months ago, Liana was just learning how to walk. Recently, photographs of an active toddler were shown, about two to three years old. The photographs were supposed to be just taken and the child that was in her journal was in long sleeved winter wear in the middle of summer? Unlikely.

She had one photograph of a child taken in summer clothing and it was obvious that they were two entirely different children. It can only be surmised that the photographs were taken from various sources and put in her journal to concoct her story.

Exploiting the feelings of others, playing on their sympathies, and duping her friends list, people whom she supposedly trusted, and trusted her, was the only true story there.

Comments of sympathy, understanding, and empathy flooded her entries. She advocated to donate to charities in support of this dearly departed couple. The charities? Always a good cause. The reason behind the push for donations? False.

Adam and Ikey are alive. They're alive, heterosexual, and only friends but haven't seen one another in years. Ikey has a child and is married to a woman. Adam does live in Brooklyn and is a lawyer. Dead? No. Positive? No. Gay? No.

Neither have spoken to Karyn in a long time and now we can all understand why.

"Adam's" LiveJournal has been deleted, posts made from "Adam" to the sunshine_ai community have been deleted, and references to Adam in the Supernatural journal are gone.

She never posted photographs of the couple together in her journal, only separately. Any photographs with her in them with either one of them were old and referenced high school. There were no new photographs of her taken with her "friends".

There was a photograph of Adam and Ikey's gravesite. Through a trace, the graves were found to be located in Charleston, South Carolina. The cemetery hasn't had a burial since the 1960's.

It can only be assumed that someone found out about Karyn's true identity and she made an attempt to erase everything, delete these lies that she told in an effort to create a new identity in the Supernatural fandom. Friends were deleted from her Facebook because that's probably where they traced her imaginary friends. They are real people but not the people that she purported them to be.

Why is this journal here? People deserve to know. She played people. She played on their sympathies, their affections, their feelings, and emotions. It was cruel. People trust. LiveJournal is a place where we should feel free to gather and talk about our lives with people we have things in common with. We share fandoms, we share the experience of fandom, and through that, we share with each other.

We shouldn't have to question what's true and what's false but that's what happened here.

She fooled people and she did it intentionally with no apologies. She just expected it to all go away, deleted forever. She hurt people. She gave a terrible disease to an imaginary person without really experiencing it in her own life. She exploited other people's grief and experiences with that disease. She exploited suicide. She used an imaginary child to gain even more sympathy and attention for herself.

It wasn't right and she should know that.

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This is only one of many times that I knew she was crazy. One minute she was disowning fandom and the next minute, she goes straight to the first public appearance he has. Someone asked her not too long ago (after she said she saw/met him 15 times) why would you do that if you feel this way about him?

Subject: Because this is the best way to weed people out.
It's weird when you have so much to say and you aren't sure how to get it all out.

I'm tired of feeling stupid. I'm tired of giving people a million chances to walk all over me. I'm tired of allowing people into my life just so they can never be on my side about anything and use my experiences to make themselves seem like a better person. I'm tired of people in my life only caring about one thing, talking about one thing, and no matter how hard you try to get away from it your sucked in time and time again.

The following things I have to say about Randy and I want everyone to know this has NOTHING to do with the facebook incident. IF he did indeed block certain people, he had a reason and it is for the best. The following things I have to say I have felt for a long time, but because I enjoyed his work so much and yes he is a very passionate actor and I enjoy going to his work, does not mean that he does not have problems or things that irk me. I am the type of person who gets very obsessed and excited about ONE thing for a while and them moves on. And yes this Randy thing was a long time coming with the FANS and people on this fandom before I just threw my hands up, but here is some stuff I feel about him and why in another sense I am moving on.

Feel free to defriend me after this. Do not comment to this and attack me with your feelings about how I AM WRONG. I'm not in the mood and I refuse to get into a pissing contest with anyone. Id rather have you remove me if you dont like what I have to say then get into petty comment wars. I'm over it.

I honestly do not think Randy is that nice of a person. I have been around him many times and some times hes super nice and other times no. I understand he is a human being but me thinking he isnt that nice does not just has to do with how he interacts with his fans. Its how he talks about his fans and experiences I have had around him. I have been on the receiving end of him being down right nasty to me and I have seen him be the same to other people. Human? Yes. But the way he treats some people I don't even allow my own friends to act that way to me on a bad day.

I made light of the comment he made back in Nov. in the Advocate because quite frankly I was just not in the mood to get into it and really care. That was the start of my moving back away from him. I defended him because I felt like I should. But why? Because I am a fan? That was when I started to realize I had become someone I wasnt. Defending someone I was not friends with when in all reality, what he said was horrible and wrong. His comment about over weight middle aged fans was horrible. No one should say that about anyone. I dont care if these "fans" do stalk you and have been a thorn in your side in the past. Be a fucking grown up, and watch your fucking manners. These over weight middle aged fans are the ones who put money in your pocket and fill the seats when you do a play. These fans are the ones who make you still have a name after queer as folk. And this goes for ANYONE on the show. People HATE Hal but he embraces his fans, does web casts once a week where you can get online and ask him questions, ANY question and he answers. He waits for HOURS to talk to every fan after an event, but we hate him because he went on record to say he never wanted to work with Randy and Gale again. *gasp* OH GOD. BURN HIM AT THE STAKE. But its okay for Randy to make horrible comments about his fans though, right?

(Deleted comment)
I'm not going to give her the pleasure of talking about me to her brand new friends that she's probably lying to.

I'm anon-posting because I'm scared of her brand of crazy and don't want to become a character in her delusions.

Are you surprised someone is reluctant to say those things openly seeing as most fans who know what Karyn did completely excuse her behavior? If this fandom reacted the way I'd expect anyone to react to a scam, instead of enabling the perpretator by keeping quiet and excusing her with "oh, it's completely okay to spend months deliberately and cynically deceiving other people's for personal gain when you're a creative person like her", I'd probably comment the hell out of this post under my own username.

BTW, I'm not the anon who posted the quotes, I'm another person who's baffled at how my fandom is ready to forgive Karyn as soon as she comes back to write her fics and I suspect that if I spoke up, I'd be condemned by everyone for being unkind, or something.

(Deleted comment)
I found out about all this from a well-filtered (I think?) post over a week ago and since then I haven't seen anyone bring up the situation publicly. I don't understand it, stuff like this shouldn't be a secret, it should be out there as a warning at least, for the people who still miss her and those who might end up running into her in the future and trusting her. It's not like Karyn disappeared from the internet, she's enjoying herself in a new fandom, no doubt patting herself on the back for getting away with something like this.

I haven't seen anyone defending her either. Actually, just the opposite. Plus, just my opinion, who cares? I know I must sound cyncial, but really, she was a 'loose' cannon from the first time I met her. Emotionally a wreck, unstable, and I barely knew her! I liked her stories. She had a great imagination. Not surprised she fantasized about her own life as well. Did she ask for money from people? Cause if she did, that's a scam and ppl need to be aware. But I have close, good friends on LJ, that I would never give money to! I'm a firm believer in neither a lender nor a borrower be. I'd give advice, lead them in the right direction to get help, be a friend and listen....but it ends there with online friends. Pretty much with rl friends too since I've been burnt lending ppl money before.
As for the 'Karyn' situation. To me, it's much to do about nothing, except to her close friends who were hurt. They expressed their pain and moved on. She's no longer a concern for them. And I know who they are, they don't post anon. I don't get that either. Why would you be afraid of her? Really? She's the one who's been proven to be a liar, not you.

Omfg, what a load of crap...she has stalked Randy a lot of time, running after him on the street, bothering him even when he was a common viewer to other's people plays...I still wonder why he hasn't call the police, maybe it'd be the only way to stop her madness!!!!

And please I don't want to think about Hal...:(

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