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I thought it was over too.

This journal was brought to my attention a few days ago and after tracking the IP location and various other forms of proof in the form of screencaps, it's time to bring the new journal to your attention:


One look at the profile style, the icons, and even the banner is an indication of her presence. It mirrors her previous journals -- inner_justin and the deleted journal. This journal was created the day she deleted her previous hidden journal.


Underneath the cut you'll find an "explanation" for her handle. She also claims to know Karyn through no definitive means. She's even writing like her, typing like her, and has set up her journal in an identical way.

Entry because it will get deleted.Collapse )

This serves as a warning to fans who've come in contact with her recently under this new persona. No one deserves this kind of deception again and it is obvious she has no remorse for what she had done and probably will continue to do. Do not encourage this new personality.