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what happened to inner_justin?
Wondering what happened to inner_justin? Wondering why she kicked off her Queer as Folk friends on Facebook? Aren't seeing entries in her new journal the_fmly_bzns? Wonder no more.

For a while now, Karyn posted personal stories about her best friend Adam, his partner Ikey, and their daughter. Suddenly, Adam dies of AIDS related complications and Ikey, heartbroken, commits suicide. This leaves their daughter all alone and orphaned in the world.

Sound like a Lifetime Movie of the Week? You're right! It is.

With the internet, information isn't always as hidden as you want it to be. In this case, the story seemed too hard to believe. It only became really hard to believe when photographs of the daughter went from adorable to unbelievable. Unfortunately, the journal has been deleted so you just have to take my word on this. Just a few months ago, Liana was just learning how to walk. Recently, photographs of an active toddler were shown, about two to three years old. The photographs were supposed to be just taken and the child that was in her journal was in long sleeved winter wear in the middle of summer? Unlikely.

She had one photograph of a child taken in summer clothing and it was obvious that they were two entirely different children. It can only be surmised that the photographs were taken from various sources and put in her journal to concoct her story.

Exploiting the feelings of others, playing on their sympathies, and duping her friends list, people whom she supposedly trusted, and trusted her, was the only true story there.

Comments of sympathy, understanding, and empathy flooded her entries. She advocated to donate to charities in support of this dearly departed couple. The charities? Always a good cause. The reason behind the push for donations? False.

Adam and Ikey are alive. They're alive, heterosexual, and only friends but haven't seen one another in years. Ikey has a child and is married to a woman. Adam does live in Brooklyn and is a lawyer. Dead? No. Positive? No. Gay? No.

Neither have spoken to Karyn in a long time and now we can all understand why.

"Adam's" LiveJournal has been deleted, posts made from "Adam" to the sunshine_ai community have been deleted, and references to Adam in the Supernatural journal are gone.

She never posted photographs of the couple together in her journal, only separately. Any photographs with her in them with either one of them were old and referenced high school. There were no new photographs of her taken with her "friends".

There was a photograph of Adam and Ikey's gravesite. Through a trace, the graves were found to be located in Charleston, South Carolina. The cemetery hasn't had a burial since the 1960's.

It can only be assumed that someone found out about Karyn's true identity and she made an attempt to erase everything, delete these lies that she told in an effort to create a new identity in the Supernatural fandom. Friends were deleted from her Facebook because that's probably where they traced her imaginary friends. They are real people but not the people that she purported them to be.

Why is this journal here? People deserve to know. She played people. She played on their sympathies, their affections, their feelings, and emotions. It was cruel. People trust. LiveJournal is a place where we should feel free to gather and talk about our lives with people we have things in common with. We share fandoms, we share the experience of fandom, and through that, we share with each other.

We shouldn't have to question what's true and what's false but that's what happened here.

She fooled people and she did it intentionally with no apologies. She just expected it to all go away, deleted forever. She hurt people. She gave a terrible disease to an imaginary person without really experiencing it in her own life. She exploited other people's grief and experiences with that disease. She exploited suicide. She used an imaginary child to gain even more sympathy and attention for herself.

It wasn't right and she should know that.

I don't think she is crazy either, at least not in the way you say someone is crazy and not in control of their thoughts or actions. I am guilty of my own deception online, one that I am not proud of, and over a year later I am still dealing the repercussions of my actions. I am thankful that I did not wait to be "found out" before I came forward and confessed.

Having created my own little world in the past, I have experience with the type of thinking, and justification, that goes on behind the scenes. It's not crazy, it's just selfish. There were things in my life I needed during that time and by accident I discovered I could have those needs fulfilled through an alternate persona. Thankfully the person I became was a good person, a much better person than I am. That does not justify what I did. I hurt people who trusted me, and it happened because I was selfish.

My charade ended when I realized loved someone I was deceiving far more than I loved myself. Coming forward with the truth was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. It also clarified for me that the motivation behind my lie was selfishness. That is Karyn’s motivation. It is the motivation of all liars. Since she has not confessed, but simply moved on and blocked those that she was closest to it can only be assumed that she is starting over with a whole new batch of lies.

Thankfully, my friend is a much better person than I am and because of that we are still best friends today. I feel sorry for Karyn because she has missed the chance to know herself in a very real way and to know the value of the friendships she made even in the midst of her lies.

No one can make her come forward and face what she’s done, that can only come from within, what I want to say to those who loved her is this:

The lie is hers. Your investment of love and friendship is not meaningless, your hearts are true. This is her fault and nothing you did caused it, nothing you could have done would have changed it. This is not your shame.

I hear where everyone's coming from who believes she's not "crazy" in the sense that she doesn't know what she's doing and what she did is most definitely manipulative to the extreme and selfish, but she can be all of those things and still have a mental disorder. Just playing armchair psychologist, I think it sounds like Borderline Personality Disorder.

She could be a sociopath, which is an incurable mental condition and has to be managed by psych meds. Sociopaths are very destructive, because they're pathological liars and manipulative con artists. I wouldn't be shocked if she has a bunch of journals with fake personalities. Seems like LJ was the only place she could get the attention she was after. Didn't she claim to be a lesbian for awhile?


I feel like the lesbian thing is the one part of this it's okay to laugh at.

That always left me scratching my head. I mean, I can't presume to know anything about anybody's sexuality, and it's none of my business anyway. And I know lots of lesbians find hotness in boy-boy pairings, can appreciate the attractiveness of men. But the declaring herself a lesbian... even briefly dating a (female) friend of mine... and downright LUSTING after all these guys constantly on her LJ - Randy, Fab, RPattz, MISHA, etc. - to the point that it was really uncomfortable to read, just never sat right with me :-b

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Her SPN journal, the_fmly_bzns has been deleted as well I see. Because it wasn't yesterday right? Well.... what goes around comes around to bite you in the ass.

Edited at 2010-09-26 08:40 am (UTC)

Oh, I bet she has a handful of other journals to keep her busy until she sneaks her way back into the QaF and SPN fandom under new names.

wow... I wondered since a month where she had gone...
thanks for clarifying.

this is a really sad story.
I wonder why ppl just can't get along well online... in every fandom there's major attention whores, but if there's money/donations involved, then it gets really ugly.
this is just repulsive!!

Obviously, she's not feeling too bad about everything since she managed to get to D.C. on Sept.5

It looks as though the link/picture has been deleted. What did it show?

Is she still stalking Randy? I wish there was a way to warn him about the craziness....then again, he probably already figured it out for himself.

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Karyn has the mind of a criminal. They may deceive in different ways, but essentially they have one thing in common: how they think.

And by taking the position that she's a victim, we're providing her with excuses and thereby supporting her contention that she is not to blame.

She will continue to do this until the day she dies and that day couldn't come soon enough. [Sorry, but I just worked 16 hours straight so I'm inclined to make blatant generalizations and horrible comments.]

Plus, I'm just a bitch. But I'm an honest bitch. Which is more than Fat Ass can say.

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i find it very interesting to see how everyone here is ready with judgements and rocks in their hands ready to throw.
people who come from fandoms like QAF where everything was all about acceptance or SPN where everyone cuddles demon!Sam and forgives anything wrong he ever did.
and now, when it's about a real person all you do is judge her and call her names without even be bothered to ask questions.

what she did was wrong and she did hurt a lot of people. she knows this (we all know this, no need to point out 12345 times). and she hasn't run away either. she went away to get the help she obviously needs. and that doesn't include 24 hours internet service.

i do not wish to be contacted about this because i won't tell anyone anything.
i watched the nastiness unfold here and wasn't going to say anything but enough is enough.
so yes. here it is. probably the only comment defending Karyn.
i also don't think she "owes" you explanations. if she offers you one that will be her decision.
i thought you "owed" her the decency to remain civil about this. guess everyone was wrong then.

ps. just one thought folks: have you ever wondered how lost, scared, and starved for any kind of care you need to be to create an imaginery world where you can feel even remotely safe?

Re: judge yourselves

Did it ever occur to you that that blind acceptance and cuddling of what was clearly problematic behavior allowed Karyn not only to continue behavior that was obviously bad for her, but to drag in and hurt people who didn't even know it was going on?

You talk about Sam!cuddling as if that's a requirement of the fandom - lots of fans have much more critical positions on Sam's character (a fictional character - not a real human being anyone's directly involved in, anyway). And the celebration of non-heteronormative expression that was part of QAF fanning does not equal endorsing obvious, finally self-admitted, mental illness. There IS a difference, you know.

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I'm personally not interested in an apology because I doubt that it would be sincere. Also, if Karyn is supposed to be in an internet-free program, how is she able to establish a new journal so fast?

I remember many times when she would yell and scream over supposed slights to whatever she had said/done/posted. I got very tired of these posts. I kept wondering why an anonymous post had such an effect on her?

She isn't the only person who has concocted completely false internet stories and led others on.

I remember many times when she would yell and scream over supposed slights to whatever she had said/done/posted. I got very tired of these posts.

Me, too. Which is why I stopped reading, why I missed most of the lies, and maybe why I don't need an apology. It's all very fucking sad, but I mostly don't care, beyond hoping she truly gets help and that it works so she doesn't do this again.

She isn't the only person who has concocted completely false internet stories and led others on.

Someone I thought I was very close to pulled something similar when I was 19. I was pretty hurt and disillusioned then. I am now old and jaded and unaffected at 32, lol ;-b

NGL, this doesn't surprise me at all. It was obvious she had serious emotional problems from the beginning.

Her incessant need to be Randy's #1 fan screamed stalkerish. Yea, I said it. She displayed stalking tendencies for Randy, Fab, Hal, and a number of other celebs in various fandoms. But Randy really took the brunt. I hope he's aware of it and takes precautions. Especially now that she's been found out, there's no telling what she may do. Unstable people can't be trusted with the objects of their obsession.

It's also scary for the people she used to concoct her story of Adam, Ikey, and the little girl. I hope they, too, remain safe and don't have the misfortune of having to deal with her in their REAL lives.

Randy is most definitely aware of the entire situation now, but honestly? I can't see him acting any differently when around her. After all the crazy shit that has gone on in the past (most concerning her), of which he has been made aware (apparently both in person and otherwise), he continues to be nice and accommodating. I have a feeling that Karyn will still go to events, she will still chat and smile and have pictures taken with Randy, and regardless of the fact that Randy knows she's completely batshit, she'll still get her satisfaction.

"one day you might get to realize the damage you are doing right now. doubt it though."

To kata_ny:

Whether you're "real" or one of Karyn's figments, listen up:

Any perceived damage that you think these posts are doing to Karyn doesn't matter because it obviously doesn't matter to her, since she was laughing and having a gay old time in Washington D.C. for Twelfth Night.

By defending her behavior with your understanding and loyalty, you're enabling her conduct and condoning her behavior. You're equating those feelings with friendship and under normal circumstances, you'd be correct. However, in this instance, you're hurting her by not encouraging her take responsibility for her actions. It's called "tough love." It doesn't mean that you don't care, it means that you DO!

Karyn is mentally ill (her behaviour screams of Munchausen by Internet Syndrome) and definitely needs psychiatric help. Whether or not her upbringing has anything to do with it is anyone's guess.

I can overlook almost any lie she fabricated and there were many. However, regardless of her mental state, it's inexcusable and reprehensible to afflict living people with the lies she purported on Adam and Ikey. If you can excuse that, then you're just as bad as she.

According to this post on spnpermanon, Karyn has a new LJ journal. Does anyone know what it might be?

Her newest journal trnchcoat_n_pie has been deleted as of Monday evening.

Wow. If this is all true, what a damn shame. I didn't know about any of her personal life (such as it is), I only read her stories. I still like said stories, but...yeah. Wow.

It's all true. All the evidence is above in comments.

Huh. That's... that's different.

It's been awhile since my last comment here, and after reading all the other comments, I'm quite disgusted, actually.

For one: oh yeah, I'm really going to believe all you anon commenters when you say "it's true!!" with nothing to back it up, sure. *eyeroll* How the hell do I know *you're* not Karyn? Uh, I don't.

Secondly: I'm glad you all come out with rocks and torches, calling for blood, from the comfort of your nice houses and nice lives, having never dealt with anything like this before. At least the majority of you. Someone commented that it might be borderline-personality disorder, and I'm inclined to agree. See, my sister has that, in addition to Bi-Polar Disorder. My cousin also has them. They LIVE on lies, especially my cousin. She'll say ANYTHING to get someone to give her attention. Even outrageous lies that make no sense. And my sister, well, she's "pregnant" now, but as her sister, I know she's lying. She's done this before, and yeah, it was a lie. Most of her friends have kids, though, and she wanted in on that attention, so now she's "pregnant." Riiiiiight. And when we were younger and in school, she'd tell everyone how she went out every night and got completely hammered, but yeah no. She was at home with us. But she wanted the attention people gave her when she said things like that, so she kept up the lying even after I called her out on them. It's a sickness. And really, she can't help it, not without her medication. It's chemicals in her brain that aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing, but when she's on meds she's stable and can act like a normal person. But she's living five hours from us now and part of the sickness is not wanting to get better, so she doesn't take the medication now. Like I said, she CRAVES the attention, and when she's normal and on medication, she doesn't get as much, so she stops the meds. It's a vicious cycle that I've been dealing with as long as I've been alive.

But you know what? They may have issues, but they're my FAMILY. I love both of them, crazy or not. And if I saw anyone saying the kinds of things I've read here about my fucking family, there would be hell to pay. I've said it before to all you anon commenters and I'll say it again: GROW. SOME. FUCKING. BALLS. But no, yeah, it's easy to get nasty about someone when no one knows who you are, right? Get over yourselves. Honestly, you're just as bad as she is. Yeah, I said it. Stop talking about shit you know NOTHING about, mmmk?


I didn't want to get involved in this beyond my further involvement in the creation of this journal but I do have to tell you that this isn't about you. This information doesn't relate to you or your family. Karyn isn't your family. People have been hurt both online and in person and it's their right to remain anonymous. Those who haven't been anonymous have remained vocal both positively and negatively regarding this issue.

If you would like further proof or are implying that there isn't any, please reference this post:

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Everyone here is right. Everyone is right to say she knew exactly what she was doing and deserves everything she gets. And I believe people are right to say she has a disorder or serious illness. I made a comment up further telling everyone how I have known Karyn a very long time. Longer than anyone on the internet and even her closest friends that she met this way. I think is this situation everyone is right. People are right to be mad and judge her and continue to be hurt that she has not reached out them and I believe that people are right to defend her or "understand" her in a sense because perhaps they have been there or know someone who has. I think the fighting here does nothing. I think all of it stems from anger and confusion and pain.

Karyn's family and husband are aware of her problems and these recent events. They are forcing her to get help which is why or how I believe all the other journals or whatever you have all been talking about are now gone. I don't believe she is still out there at least for now because she is pretty much being watched. It's like an alcoholic having access to beer. I think part of her problem is her addiction to the internet. I don't know much but I do know that. I have washed my hands clean of Karyn but in a way I did want to make sure something was being done.

Let's just leave it at this. I have actually spent way too much time here reading all this and it's time I wash my hands of this too. Again I hope you all can move forward and find a way to heal.

What we have here?

A lot of people (anonymous or not, it doesn't matter to me, I respect this) who are rightly angry with a person who has enjoyed herself mocking real deseases and real people all of this WITHOUT any apologies...and two sad geishes (one of them has strangely deleted her journal, mmmmm, makes me think) who defend her on behalf without real arguments, only screaming and insulting (as usual), or comparing karyn to real sick persons, but unless this persons ARE karyn it doesn't work. I've had a cancer, my mum had it and my father has died of it, but this doesn't make me an oncologist or an expert, I'm not so arrogant.
if (and I say IF) someone here could have any small opening to karyn, well her "dear friends" has provided against it.

Good job*g*

Edited at 2010-10-02 07:38 am (UTC)

Can't you just stay out of anything without butting in? Really? I'm not saying what she did was right or that everyone should love her- the end. I'm saying we have no idea what she's going through beyond the fact that she lied to people. Normal people just don't do things like this, so obviously there's something going on, whether it's one of the disorders I've mentioned or maybe she's just a fucking sociopath, who knows, but it's. not. normal. You gonna argue that? And you're one to talk about insulting people. I still have that whole thing saved as a screen-page, you know. Before you judge others, how about you take a look at yourself. Show some fucking compassion for once in your life. And stop being petty, that too.

And you may not be an oncologist, but I'm gonna bet you know a hell of a lot more about cancer than I do, since me or any of my family have never had it. That's how these things work. Once you experience something, you learn about it. Not. Rocket. Science.

Again, JFC.

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Wow. I just spend two hours reading through all these comments about something that happened three (?) years ago and several people have diagnosed this person with several different diseases, called her all kinds of criminal things and then gone on to work through their own family problems and issues. It is astounding and I am glad I have a life and it took me three years to notice. On the other hand, here I am, commenting on this post after two years of silence, so maybe I really need to go out more or maybe find some new imaginary friends... haha. Tada.

Someone claiming to be inner_justin replied to an email I found online, saying we could post her stories on our QAF website. Now I am unsure.


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